Paralegal Zone Event Review: HMPA’s November CLE Luncheon

Article from TheParalegalZone.com The Houston Metropolitan Paralegal Association (HMPA) is one of the largest paralegal associations in the United States. It is no wonder they are well known for frequently hosting successful networking and CLE events for professional Houston area paralegals. The HMPA November 2019 CLE Luncheon took place at The Houston Center Club. The food was excellent [...]


7 Ways the Indemnity Corporation Tricks You after a Car Accident

Human beings are designed to make adjustments and adapt to changes in their lives, depending on the circumstances that they are going through. Consequently, when thinking about indemnity for an average American, one of the most common reasons that tend to take many Americans over the deep end, is costs or car indemnity premiums. It [...]


How To Pick the Correct Individual Damage Lawyer

Following your damage, you have to pick a lawyer to deal with your own damage case. Start by booking an arrangement for a free interview. Try not to tragically think any kind of lawyer will do. The intricacy of individual damage requires a master who has taken care of numerous different cases like yours with [...]


Employee well-being: A trend every business leader should follow

At the end of every year, there are a handful of lists that name that best places to work. They typically describe a variety of reasons why such companies have made it into the exclusive club. Have you ever asked yourself how they got there? Or, more importantly, how can your business get there? In [...]


How to Recover Full Compensation After a Farm Accident

Farm accidents are one of the most dangerous types of accidents. According to the Institute of Agriculture, 167 agricultural workers suffer an injury that forces them off work every year. 5% of these injuries result in permanent impairment. These statistics and more, show why farming is ranked one of the top ten most dangerous occupations [...]


Protecting your privacy during a personal injury case

The way we communicate with each other every day has revolutionized social media. We can share our thoughts, behaviors, places, desires, and feelings with everyone every minute of the day by clicking a button. While such connections can be helpful, duplication is a common problem. Not only can sharing too much information about yourself have [...]


How Much is My Personal Injury Pain and Suffering Worth?

When a personal injury lawsuit is filed on your behalf, in most circumstances, the law allows you to recover economic damages and noneconomic damages.  Economic damages are those which result in a definable, monetary loss as a result of your accident.  These types of damages include lost income, property damage, medical bills, and other out-of-pocket [...]


Will my case go to trial if I hire an attorney?

Will my case go to trial if I hire an attorney? Many people are apprehensive to hire an attorney for their personal injury claim because they do not want to go to trial.  This apprehension, however, can significantly reduce your overall recovery. Often after an injury, you will likely be contacted by an insurance adjuster [...]


What Construction Workers Need to Know

Injuries from construction accidents are unfortunately very common and can range in severity from minor wounds to life-threatening conditions. Because of this, construction workers need to know who can they sue in the event that they suffer a work related injury. Besides initiating a workers' compensation claim, you may be able to file a lawsuit [...]