IVC filters were designed to prevent life-threatening blood clots in the lungs, known as pulmonary embolisms. Since 2005, however, hundreds of reports of severe IVC filter complications have been filed with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

These problems typically involve device migrations, filter fractures, perforation, embolization, and/or movement of the entire device or fragments to the heart and lungs. As a result, many lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturers of these devices.

There are many reasons a lawsuit may be filed. Some of the main reasons include:

  • Design and manufacturing defects
  • Failure to warn consumers of known risk
  • Breach of implied warranty on the medical device
  • Negligence on the part of the manufacturing and/or marketing company
  • Device migration
  • Detachment of device components
  • Puncture of the inferior vena cava
  • Filter fracture

An NBC feature on IVC filter defects can be found here:

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